Story of Arasta


Aktur Inc. Company, which has made thousands of families homeowners in Bodrum and Datça and has been providing uniterrupted services for fifty years, has made great contributions to the economic, social and cultural life of the region where it is located, in addition to being the largest apart hotels operator in Turkey.

Standing out with its contemporary participatory management approach and its support for social, voluntary Works and projects, Aktur Inc. Company now offers a modern bazaar to the service of our people in Bodrum Bitez.

In the bazaar, which will serve as Aktur-Arasta with a name suitable for the natural and authentic structure of Bodrum, there is a restaurant, cafe bar, grocery, butcher, greengrocer, bakery, ice-cream shop, bookstore, pharcmacy and atm, as well as antique (flea market) souvenir sales stands to be set up in the evenings, also there is the mandarin garden behind the shops where you can relax with classical music hours on certain days of the week.

Arasta has front and rear entrances and sufficient parking space. Regular shuttle service will be provided from Aktur complex to the bazaar, where there are seating and walking areas next to the two large car parks.